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Friday, March 3, 2017

Water is even more important during winter

You have to take extra care of your health during winter as we do less physical activities than summer.

We have to make sure that we are maintaining adequate body temperature from cold weather, and we also have to take care of our immune system due to the lack of physical activity.

Additionally, water supplement is also very important!

We tend to drink 5 times less water than summer during winter!

Thus I will explain on the reason for us to drink enough water during winter.

Sign of water deficit 1 - Headache

Water is very important medium to transfer information between different cells.
Thus lack of water can lead to headache with dehydration symptom as our cells cannot transport important nutrients to our body organs including the brain.

Sign of water deficit 2 – Skin aging

The lack of water can lead to the destruction of components that prevents wrinkle formation such as collagen and elastin fiber.

Having less water can also create good environment for wrinkle formation as our skin cells get dried.

Sign of water deficit 3 – Fatigue induction

Essential amino acids in our body get transported by water which effects on our metabolism.

The lack of water can lead to interruption of active metabolism which can make you get tired easily.

Sign of water deficit 4 – Constipation

Our body intakes nutrients by having foods and their wastes are excreted after getting transported to the large intestine.

During this process, water takes an important role to transport the wastes to the large intestine.

Thus the lack of water can lead to constipation as the speed of wastage transportation slows down.

Sign of water deficit 5 – Asteatosis (skin dryness)

The lack of water makes our skin dry as the amount of water that we intake is less than we require.

Additionally, drinking adequate amount of water helps to moisture our skin as well as preventing skin trouble formation by encouraging on waste excretion.

We always support your beauty!

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