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Monday, March 6, 2017

Why is Vitamin D important?

Do you know why Vitamin D is important?

Usually, Vitamin D is known as a component that is formed in our body when our skin is exposed to sun.

However we wear sun blocks to avoid various skin disease and skin aging due to long exposure into UV rays. Thus the amount of Vitamin D formed in our body is very less while the sun disappears shortly during winter.

According to Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service’s research in 2015, the number of people who are lacking Vitamin D, had been increased 77.9%.

Then why do we have to supply on Vitamin D?

Vitamin D maintains adequate amount of calcium in our body while helping our intestine to ingest on calcium well.

Also, this component is important as this takes an important role to produce new immune cells.

Average adults usually absorb 30% of calcium that they consumed, however this becomes difficult when a person is lacking Vitamin D.

Additionally, Vitamin D has effect of anti-cancer, which stops cancer cell from its further growth and generates immune cells.

Then what happens if we are lacking Vitamin D?

The chance of getting bone diseases like osteoporosis and rickets increases, and there could be chance of cancer cell formation on intestine, breasts, prostate and so on.

The easiest way for supplying Vitamin D is sunlight.

It is ideal to go under sunlight for 15~20 minutes on face and arms, between 11AM~3PM without wearing sun block, as 95% of Vitamin D is formed on skin that is exposed to UV rays.

2~3 times a week is enough.

You can also intake Vitamin D by food consumption.

Which foods contain rich Vitamin D?

Egg yolk, cheese, margarine, tuna, salmon, mackerel pike, raisin and mushrooms are enriched with Vitamin D.

At WONJIN, we provide various injection treatments to strengthen weakened immune system after surgery.

There is injection to supply on Vitamin D among those treatments.

More information on injection treatments -

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