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Friday, April 14, 2017

Korea Mask Pack Recommendation - Withbee Honey Bomb, Water Bomb Mask Pack

Korea Mask Pack Recommendation!
Mask Pack industry is in a high proportion of Korea cosmetic market.
Why is it so popular?
Becuase, it has the advantage of a home care product that can be effective in a short time with little cost and also extremely easy to use. Among them, I am going to introduce WONJIN's water bomb and withbee mask pack today!

There are three steps in the bomb series mask pack.You can use toner, essence, mask pack at once.
When you going to travel, you just need to carry this mask pack without bringing several skin care products.

[ Withbee Honey Bomb Mask Pack ]

This pack is made of highly nutritious moisturizing elements

Step 1
: It will help to remove dead skin cell and make your skin texture smooth and soft. It is a booster to help the next step of nutrition absorption.

Step 2
: Re:Effect ampoule-Lifting care for dropped skin Anti-aging care.

Step 3
: In this last mask pack stage, various honey ingredients closely replenishes nutrients and moisutre to skin!

Withbee Honey Bomb mask pack will bring skin moisutre shield, nourishment recharging, skin barrier reinforcement, skin water supplement, glossy skin, skin protection to you.

Water Bomb Mask Pack

Step 1: Slough off dead skin cells by using vita-moist toner.

Step 2: Re: Effect ampoule- Anti-aging skin elastic care.

Step 3: When 8 kinds of concentrated moisture elements reach the skin, it maintains the skin elasticity at the same time supplies skin moisture.

Supply skin moisuture, skin brightness improvement, skin lifting effect, skin whitening effect, wrinkles improvement ! Water bomb mask pack is not only focused on the deep moisture care but also add the step to mange the skin whitening and elastic as well.

Wonjin Effect believes one's true beauty lies within. Beyond the superficial beauty, we continuously strive to find the solutions to resolve the root causes of skin problems by maximizing both internal and external beauty.

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