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Best places to travel in South Korea during the summer.

When summer comes, people travel a lot by using summer vacation. College students enjoy their domestic trips offered by KORAIL rail-ro ticket during summer vacation seasons. When the travel season approaches, you can often see the list of top 10 domestic destinations. According to the list of top 10 domestic travel destinations as you can often see on the internet, where is the best place to go during the summer season or day trips?

Best places to travel in South Korea during the summer.
If you want to feel the summer sea and island Jeollanam-do Yeosu(여수)!
When I see recommending a list of domestic hot spots for summer, I can find Jeollanam-do Yeosu often. A trip to Yeosu is one of its best tourist destinations for family, lovers, as well as travel alone.

Students who plan to travel through rail-ro do not miss out Yeosu. Geomundo Island, located in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, is located at the southernmost tip of Dadohaehaesang National Park. The ferry ride takes about two hours, but the destination is worth the journey.
You can enjoy the beautiful summer sea by walking directly on the coastal cliffs, and a 33m-high lighthouse with view of the surrounding countryside.
Musulmok Beach in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do is famous for sight spot sunrise with Mongdol (in place of white sands). It is also the place where General Admiral Yi Sun-shin won a great victory in the war against Japan in the past.
You can enjoy sea bathing on the east coast and watching over migratory birds in the west side. Furthermore, Yi Sun-shin square, Dolsan Park, Goso-dong angel wall painting streets are the other attractions of Yeosu.

Best places to travel in South Korea during the summer.
Samcheok(삼척), Gangwon-do where you can enjoy nature

A trip to Samcheok, Gangwon-do is also one of the Top 10 best domestic tourist destinations of Korea.

It is a place that receives a lot of summer domestic travel recommendation! Especially, Samcheok Janghohang Port is famous for its round beach line and white sand shore and is known as the “Naples of Korea”.
From the clean and clear beach, Janghohang Port offers various activities such as scuba diving and canoeing during the summer. Of course, even if you do not have any special activities, you can go around Janghohang Port to admire the scenery.
Another famous tourist attraction of Samcheok is Daguemgul Cave. There are about 55 caves located within Samcheok-si and as you know Samcheok-si is famous for caves.
Among them, Daguemgul Cave is newly opened, well-preserved cave is filled with limestone features such as stalactites, and a considerable amount of water flows through the cave, creating waterfalls, both large and small, along with numerous ponds. Also, take Korea’s first cave monorail 140 meters deep into the cave and explore the inside of the cave. Samcheok-si cave tour is a great way to escape the heat on a hot summer’s day.

Best places to travel in South Korea during the summer.
If you are looking for a unique domestic travel destination, Asan Mediterranean Village

We usually go abroad for our longest summer vacations, yet if it's impossible to go abroad to spend your vacations there are some domestic destinations that have unique atmospheres you could consider.

The Mediterranean village is located in Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, has been named in the top ten domestic travel destinations with a unique atmosphere. It also highly recommended place to travel alone.
Mediterranean villages are built in the style of Santorini, Parthenon, Provence, and you may feel like you are in Europe.
There are good spots where you can take pictures while walking through the exotic buildings. The well harmonized colors of white and blue provides wonderful landscape of this village.
The average size of Mediterranean villages is thirty minutes to an hour walk to check the entire figure of the neighborhood. If you have visited Mediterranean villages already, it is a good option for you to check ‘Oeam Folk Village’ historic village that looks just as it did in the old days.
Different from Mediterranean villages, Oeam Folk Village that keeps old traditional village of Korea fascinating tourists with its unique attractions.
Asan Mediterranean village and Oeam Folk Village is also suitable for a day's trip or an overnight trip.

Best places to travel in South Korea during the summer.
Best places to travel in South Korea during th summer, Travel, Summer, Vacation, domestic travel, A family trip, 
Best places to travel in South Korea during th summer, Travel, Summer, Vacation, domestic travel, A family trip, 
Best places to travel in South Korea during th summer, Travel, Summer, Vacation, domestic travel, A family trip, 


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