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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency ! Warning Signs from Your Body?

A healthy and well balanced diet will naturally produce and deliver vitamins to your body and you won’t need to take vitamin supplements. But poor diet and exercise habit, and little exposure to sunlight can lead to vitamin deficiency and health problems.

Then, how can we detect whether we lack of vitamin or not without running a blood test? 

[ Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms 01 - Pale Skin ]

A pale or yellowish skin can be a sign you need to increase your vitamin B12 intake. Because vitamin B12 involves in formation of red blood cell, a lack of this vitamin can promote feeling of fatigue and dizziness, can low your physical ability. Eating salmons, eggs, or yogurt is recommended, if you find your skin look pain or yellowish than usual.

[ Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms 02-Dry Hair ]

Dry hair can be an indicator you lack vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 plays a key role in growing hairs and nail, and regenerating hair cells. If you feel dryness on your hair, try to eat sweet potatos, carrots, or egg yolks which contains plentiful of vitamin B7.

[ Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms 03-Bleeding Gums ]

It is common to have a little bleeding after flossing. But if you notice your gums bleed too frequently, it can be a sign of low vitamin C. Lack of Vitamin C can lead to bleeding, fatigue, low appetite and scurvy. Make sure to consume enough fruits and vegetables.

[ Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms 04-Fatigue ]

Muscles are not only related to calcium level but also with vitamin D. This is why we feel lack of sleep and struggle with chronic fatigue when we do not have enough vitamin D. Taking enough vitamin D is really helpful to maintain a fit body.

[ Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms 03 – Depression ]

A shortage of Vitamin D is known as related to depression. Because Vitamin D impacts the hormones like serotonin those affect our mood. It is recommended to walk or run outside for one hour and twenty minutes three times a week.

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