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Best 5 places to travel in Korea to beat the sweltering heat during summer

① Enjoy the sea water park in the center of a city

At sunset, walking in Songdo International Business District, Incheon is elegant. When Lights turn on at light in central park, the street has a dreamy atmosphere. You don’t need to go to faraway place; you can enjoy the vacation in the city.

There is walking trail through the forest in central park. Also, there are tribowl, Incheon bridge Observatory called Ocean Scope and Contemporary architecture. In Solchan Park, there is a beautiful coastal walk along the ocean and also canal walk shopping centre.

Location: Incheon Yeonsu-gu, Songdo-dong / Inquiry=Incheon Tourism Information Center (Central Park) TEL.+82-032-832-3031

② The beautiful mountain valley

There are beautiful valleys in Gangwon Do Injae-Gun Sang-Nam Myeon and Girin Myeon to enjoy the vacation. Misan twon is the place by the surrounding beautiful mountains such as Mt. Gaein and Mt. Bangtae. The Misan Valley is the first place to do river bugging in Korea. River bugging is a whitewater sport where a single person can enjoy.

Location: Gangwon, Injae-Gun, Sang-nam Myeon, Naerincheon-ro / Inquiry : Town Hall in Injae, Cultural Tourism Team TEL. +82-33-460-2082

③ Cool place located in the rocky mountain

Tradition and modern style are coexisting in Danyang. You can experience theme travel such as history, nature, culture, sports, and enjoying good food and drink. A huge limestone cave, Gosu Cave in Danyang formed over 200 million years ago. The average temperature in Gosu Cave is always 15-17 ℃. You could feel like you are sitting in the refrigerator.
Location: North Chungcheong, Danyang-Gun, Danyang-eup, Gosu Cave street / Inquiry = Town Hall in Dang Yang, Cultural Tourism Team TEL.+82-043-420-2555~6

④ Tourist attraction to relief from the hot weather.

Soo-rak waterfall is the major tourist attraction in Namdo. There is rumor which is abroad about Soo-rak waterfall is effective in muscle pain, neuralgia, and postpartum pain. Also, there are lots of anionic oxygen which is good for health. It is a good place for family to enjoy the vacation.

Location: Jeollanam-do, Gurye-gun, Sandong-myeon, Sugi-ro / Inquiry=Town Hall in Gurye, Cultural turism Team TEL.+82- 61-780-2226

⑤ Tourist attraction in the city.

The most famous recreational activity in Pohang city is Pohang Cruise and Pohang Canal that pass around the coastal waters of Yeong-Ilman. The cruise passes through 1.3km of canal across to the sea. There are a lots of sea food restaurants, café, and other restaurants in Yeong-il dae beach which is located near the city.

Location: Geongsanbuk-do, Pohang-si, Nam-gu, Huimang-daero (Pohang Canal) / Inquiry=International co-operation of Pohang City TEL. +82-54-270-2374

Best  places to travel in Korea  
Best  places to travel in Korea Best  places to travel in Korea Best  places to travel in Korea Best  places to travel in Korea 
Best  places to travel in Korea Best  places to travel in Korea 


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