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How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery. Many question before having breast augmentation.

Many females invest and put some efforts to get curvy shape line.
Especially, the breast is one of the most important body parts to represent the beauty of women.
However, many patients visit to plastic surgery clinic because the breast is out of control by exercising and diet.
Now we are going to check the questions that many patients ask before breast augmentation.

Q. Is it possilble to do breast feeding after breast surgery?
A. Breast milk is made from mammary gland. When the implant is inserted without damaging the mammary gland, then it is possible to do breast feeding.
There is no problem at breast feeding after breast augmentation, because mammary gland is expanded and contracted on top of breast implants.

Q. Would my breast be more droopy and sagging when I do breast feeding after breast augmentation?
Repeated swollen and shrinkage for the breast feeding cause the breast to get droopy and sagging. However, it is very natural phenomenon even if you did not have a breast augmentation.

Q. Is good to have surgery at winter season?
It takes about 6 months from the procedure day to be really soft to the touch.
It takes time to heal incision area. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo a surgery during the winter when you expose your skin less than summer.
Furthermore, why the most often breast surgery done on winter, because most of incision site of breast augmentation is made on armpit and breast fold area which it could easy to occur infections or pain in humid weather.

Q. Is Wonjin the official clinic for Motiva implants?
A Yes, It is. And we perform the surgery as well.
Wonjin clinic works as official clinic through academic exchange with Motiva.
Recently, many women prefer the premium motiva implants which have excellent viscoelasticity to get the breast augmentation.

Motiva could naturally hold balanced lines of breast according to gravity, and it has a soft feeling like real breast.
Motiva’s own exclusive patented skill, Blue Seal, is referred to the barrier layer on the outer side of implant. Blue Seal insertion minimizes silicone gel diffusion to the other area of body. This results in reducing the risk of capsular contracture that may be occurred due to gel bleeding. In addition, as a premium implant, UDI chips are inserted to provide long-term support that ensures the safety and trust.

Q. Is there any other things I need to know before the surgery?
Breast augmentation is a surgery that belongs to a severe surgery and requires high skills.
Sometimes, medical accidents caused by anesthesia are reported. As breast augmentation is under the general anesthesia, so you need to check before you decide where you want to get your breast job. So, it is very important to check regarding if the anesthesiologist are staying in the clinic.
In addition, it is the best way to prevent any medical issues by having enough research before the surgery. For example, if there is a surgeon who has a lot of surgical experience for the breast augmentation in the clinic? Also, you need to know about your physical condition and constitution as well.
It is as important as restoring self-confidence that safety is the most important thing. So, for the safe operation, it is recommended to have enough consultation with the surgeon who you can trust and check the safety facilities on the clinic.


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