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Polyphenol, Queen of Antioxidant, helps to reduce inflammation, is good food for anti-aging.

Polyphenol, Queen of Antioxidant, helps to reduce inflammation, is good food for anti-aging. 

The Benefits and Effects of Polyphenol

Polyphenol is one of defensive substance that plants produce it to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays. The effectiveness of the polyphenol was appeared on the TV program which is studied French’s eating habits in 1990s. And it has been public.
Despite French people eat more meat; the percentage of cardiovascular disease is one third of Americans. According to TV program, the reason is that French people enjoy drinking wine and polyphenols in red wine protect cells in the body.

There are five thousands of different kinds of Polyphenols. The benefits and the effects of polyphenols depend on the type of Polyphenols. Today, let’s learn about the types of polyphenols.


The active ingredients in green tea and black tea are the polyphenols called catechins which help to eliminate waste matter from the body, increase the focus, and improve brain activity. Antioxidant activity of catechins is that 100 times that of Vitamin C and 200 times Vitamin E. According to the Dr. Naomi Fisher’s study, Harvard Medical School; Brigham and Women’s Hospital, they asked 76 old man to take cacao which is high in Catechins for a week and then take brain tomography. As a result, some parts of the brain that control memory and concentration have been activated by about 9% after taking cacao.

Anthocyanins in grapes, blueberries, and purple sweet potatoes help to prevent damage to cells caused by active oxygen in the body. Also, it prevents to form blood clot to improve the circulation and prevents heart disease as well. There is also study that helps prevent vascular dementia because of improved blood flow.


Red foods such as grapes, Rasberry, plum, and mulberry are rich in resveratrol. Resveratrol has an excellent antioxidant effects to delay the aging process and improve inflammation in body and scalp. Also, it helps to increase the catalase’s activity which controls stress and protects cardiovascular.


Quercetin in onions and apple helps to delay the aging process and is good for vascular heath as well. Quercetin also prevents to have chronic inflammation caused the hardening of the arteries and strengthens capillary vessels. It also prevents fats and cholesterol build up inside the vessels. Also, it is effective in encouraging eliminating body fats from the body so, it also helps to lose weight.


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