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Sleep anesthesia VS General anesthesia

Anesthesia is vital when it comes to plastic surgery. It can be divided into large categories, which are Local anesthesia, Sleep anesthesia, and General anesthesia. But, people often get confused between sleep and general. So, today, we will briefly look at the two types of anesthesia.

//Sleep anesthesia?//
Sleep anesthesia has the effect of hypnosis and calming effect, and it is also widely known as intravenous injection. When under sleep anesthesia it becomes the same as falling asleep, you will still be breathing on your own, but the senses will become dull. Thus, you won’t feel any pain.

// General anesthesia? //
General anesthesia simply means the whole body going under anesthesia, which means there will be no basic consciousness, senses, and reflex. Thus, won’t be feeling ant pain at all. This type of anesthesia also relaxes the muscle, so it is carried out for breast surgery, face contouring, two jaw surgery and liposuction.

The major difference in sleep and general anesthesia is the ability to breathe on your own or having to depend on a machine to breathe. Simply put it, sleep anesthesia is just like going to sleep and general anesthesia blocks the breathing, so you are not able to on your own.

Hope the information provided was helpful and has clarified the difference between the two anesthesia types! If you wish to ask or inquire about plastic surgery or procedures, please send them to and we will endevour to help you out!


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