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6 foods which can calm when you feel bloated

When you feel bloated because of eating too much, stress, dehydration or menstruation, there are some foods which can relieve your upset stomach and help with the digestion.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt has lots of probiotics which can help with digestion and absorbing of nutrition. It is good to take some low fat plain yogurt with some fresh fruit after meal as a dessert rather than sweets with sugar.

2. Ginger

Ginger which is good for anti-inflammatory helps to relieve with bloated stomach with lots of gas. Ginger contains zingibain which helps with digestion by chagrined the protein if you have a cup of ginger tea before meal, it helps with digestion. Also, it can reduce the rate of cholesterol and inflammation in the organ. So if you keep taking the ginger tea, the digestion will be improved and avoid with bloated stomach.

3. Banana

Banana contains a lot of potassium which can remove the fat on stomach. Potassium also can relieve the upset stomach and bloated stomach; it helps to managing the amount of intake of salt.

4. Lemon

Lemon has similar component with digestive fluid as saliva or bile, so it helps to relive bloated stomach and indigestion. When you have less stomach acid which helps with digesting protein, dairy, gluten and carbohydrate, this can be improved if you take the lemon or lemon juice.

5. Melon

Melon is formed with 90% of moisture so it has same effect with drinking water. It can increase the rate of moisture in the body and it can relieve with the bloated stomach.

6. Garlic

Garlic is really effective to remove gas in the organ. If you mash up 2~3 piece of garlic and fry it with olive oil in low degree, add some vegetable which contains less salt then boil it for 10 minutes, it will help with the digestion.


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